How to Clean Out the Memories in Your Closet

How to Clean Out the Memories in Your Closet
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How to Clean Out the Memories in Your Closet

We’ve all had this moment. We stare at a pair of jeans and think “wow, I used to love you.” And then we throw it to the back of the closet again. I recently put on a top and thought “hmmm I feel like I look like a teenager in this top”. It was not even the style because it was a simple scoop neck. I just didn’t feel like the color was me anymore. It was hot pink.

There was another top that I loved buuuttt an ex bought it for me. Whenever I wore the top or pulled it out of the closet I was reminded of the memory of that annoying break up. I was sad though, because I loved that tee so much. However I came to the conclusion that the annoyance of that memory was greater than my appreciation of the top. 

Acceptance: I am not wearing this piece of clothing because I either have grown out of this style or it is connected to a bad memory.

When a dress or pair of jeans starts to not feel like “you” there’s usually a reason. Accepting the reality of you growing out of your clothes — emotionally is the first step.

Ask: Ask yourself why. Why do you feel like this piece of clothing no longer feels like your personal style. 

  • Is the clothing not fitting you well? 

Appreciation: List out all the reasons you loved the clothes you no longer wear. 

I love what Leandra Medine lists out: 

  • Dependability: There’s a stylish practicality about them and that makes them dependable 
  • Multifariousness: They can be worn as so many things — thrown on haphazardly and still feel good or worn slowly and thoughtfully, as if methodically seasoned to tell a more complicated story
  • Neutrality: They’re good dressed down indiscriminately and good dressed up unconventionally 

Annoyance: Recall those memories that may be the reason you are not feeling this style anymore. Was the shirt/pants/shoes worn too much? Did an ex boyfriend give it to you? Sometimes pinpointing a bad memory along with the list of appreciation, will help you make a decision. Does the annoying memory trump the dependability and love of the clothing? If you can restyle it and leave the memory behind, keep wearing it. If not, donate it.

I think cleaning out your closet can be an incredibly therapeutic experience. You can really see your growth as an individual by your personal style. I think we should always be growing and tweaking our style. It’s a sign of movement, growth, creativity and individuality. Our memories can be a huge motivator towards change, healing and growth. 

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