All About Abby Alley

All About Abby Alley

Luxury with a Purpose…

… the tagline of beautiful brand I have been following for a long time now. Abby Alley is a Chicago fashion brand you just have to know about. Abby traveled to teach in Arusha, Tanzania. She will never forget the experience. Because education is not a guarentee for everyone, she decided to give back. Through her work with local artisans, each piece or jewlery and bag, gives back to the communities and is locally and ethically sourced. She partners with local organizations to help everyone receive an education.

She gifted me with the accent ring AND the black casual earrings in the photos above. Guys, I have not taken either off. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I love big, fun rings to dress up an outfit. And the earrings go with everything, because – although I write the full color fashion blog… I really do love wearing my neutrals.

My skirt is thrifted of course. It was a little snug when I bought it, but I am obsessed with the how many different ways I can wear this piece. I couldn’t say no. Yes, I have become a full time thrifter. The more I find amazing brands like Abby Alley, the more I want to do my part to live sustainable… But this doesn’t mean I can’t wear some luxury <3

Abby has a bunch of new pieces for the fall I will link a few below. Stop by Abby Alley, and tell her Hannah sent you!


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