25+ Jackets for Fall

25+ Jackets for Fall

It’s Jacket season! Blazers are great transitional pieces. They help you transition from summer into winter with style and professionalism. And that’s why I love ’em.


My Jacket of Choice

I have to admit I love blazers. This blazer in these gorgeous photos by Hannah Forrider is thrifted. It’s a white one that used to have shoulder pads. I took the shoulder pads out and it sits perfectly. I wore it during my first wedding dress fitting. I love my cropped back denim jeans (also a thrift find by my friend Kieran) plus my black Miss Lola heels (thrifted from Mercari). You pair that with an oversized h&m teen and you’re set! Below I’ll list out more Jacket ideas for you.

Sweaters as Jackets

Probably the coziest of fall jackets is the sweater. You can find a long one, a cropped one or a fitted sweater blazer. The sweater blazer is the biggest trend for this fall. You will love looking professional but also cozy while wearing a knitted blazer. below are a few options along with all of my favorite sweater options for an extra layer of warmth.

Another great transitional piece is the denim jacket. It’s so classic. I am also sure to have a denim jacket that I love for myself and for John. It’s needed especially during the timtes when you can wear a dress with a nice denim jacket. Seriously the best! The leather jacket also is a trendy option. I make sure to have one in my closet always. With leather jackets you have to make sure the arms and the length are not too long or short or stifling. The bomber… so great!!!! Ugh I love a great fitting bomber. It has to hit in all the right places, but when it does it’s such a great addition to your wardrobe. Next weekend is John and mine wedding anniversary and I really want to go to a pumpkin patch. I hope it cools down enough for my to wear a few of my favorite jackets <3

Keep shining on


25+ Jacket Options

Jackets Under $25


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